Why Kevin miller for school board?

educator’s focus on rigor

How an we offer high level work to all students? How can we improve classes focused on meeting “high achievers” needs so that we develop skilled, curious, critical thinkers? As a  teacher for 17 years in the New York City Public schools I bring passion and knowledge to these discussions. As a PTA Vice President, parent of a 4th grader and as a professional tutor in the area, I bring a deep understanding for how this works for some kids. I believe each party–the Board, the Superintendent, school based administrators, teachers, parents, and students plays a role and it is the Board’s job to build trust that the district is committed to a fair process. I can combine idealism and pragmatism to coalition build.






Parent of Younger Kids Perspective

I believe diversity empowers us and my professional and personal experience with younger children can make a stronger Board. My kids are at Morse and WI and I tutor kids of this age range. We have more of a longer term lens as we consider personnel decisions because we will be in this district for many years to come. At the same time, the current challenges at middle and high school impact us all and I have a pulse on this as a private tutor in the area. Finally, my experience as a TUFSD representative with Rivertown Parents, furthers my ability problem solve about the needs of all ages. In this capacity, Dobbs Ferry, Ardsley, Hastings, and Irvington parents create public forums to address current concerns such as: what role should phones and technology play in school and where does the responsibility of student, parents, teachers, and administrators begin and end? My longer term lens can help me to push the board to openly, and proudly, share their role in addressing crises.



product of robust extra-curriculars 

From what i see and what people tell me, our Arts Program is a model for how we want to see ourselves and how we want to be seen by the public and I want this to expand to other areas, such as sports. For one, a variety of community and school partnerships ensure that performers and audience members represent our demographics. Secondly, public and behind the scenes collaborations ensure that opportunities are available to challenge and develop musicians, dancers, and actors. This type of coordinated program fostered my passion and developed my athletic skills as a kid in South Bend, Indiana. I am not proposing we push our kids to be sports obsessed and to win at all costs; in my case we loved the process of getting better so much so that we built a team of children from families of business executives and factory line workers to place 7th in the state in golf. As a member of the board, I will ask us to foster research into how similar districts create robust athletic programs.

Let’s Build Trust!

We moved to Tarrytown four years ago to discover a community filled with talented teachers, administrators, and parents committed to excellence and inclusion. But we have also found people wanting to feel more understood and be more engaged with their children’s education. Sharing ideas and communicating openly leads to trust, and as a member of the Board, I’d be committed to making sure our voices are heard to build on the strengths of this place and its people.