High School Test Prep

Prep for success on the TACHS Test

Steps we find best help students achieve scholarship-worthy TACHS Scores:

  1. Students take a mock test, simulating testing conditions in mid to late June. Kevin Miller analyzes the results and creates a report for parents. 

  2. Parents meet with Kevin in the following week to discuss his analysis and how they can grow their scores.

  3. Students meet with Kevin on a weekly basis in July and August to build their conceptual understanding and test prep strategies. This includes weekly homework.

  4.  Students take another mock test at the end of August and evaluate whether they want to invest time in the fall to bump up their scores even more.

  5. Students who have the capacity, continue to meet weekly until the early November test date. 

“Kevin gave my daughter the strategies and confidence to raise her TACHS score resulting in scholarship offers at all three of her high school choices.”

“Thanks to Kevin’s support, my daughter was motivated to study hard and focus; and she was rewarded with an acceptance and scholarship into her competitive first-choice high school.”

Prepare for the TACHS test with KevsMill Tutoring

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