Customer Testimonials

“Kevin works weekly with our daughter, not only for test preparation but to help her learn better study skills and techniques to tackle difficult problems and topics. He is patient and enthusiastic, and he clearly enjoys working with kids. He instills not just skills, but also confidence and enthusiasm for challenging topics. He holds my daughter accountable for being a partner in the process and cheers her on.”

-Parent oF a 9TH GRADE Irvington STUDENT

“Kevin has tutored both of my children since mid-way through the pandemic, and this has been lifesaving.  I have been so impressed with his can-do and CALM approach to working with my kids. He has a way of instilling confidence in my kids while at the same time making it fun! Lastly, Kevin provided us peace of mind in a time when there was little to none since March. We thank you for this, and will always recommend you vigorously!”


“Kevin immediately made a connection with my son, where he was able to experience math in a fun and interactive mode, and leaves every session feeling positive and happy. he tailors lesson plans based on how my son (who has ADHD and learning disabilities) responds, utilizing active movement and game-playing concepts. We are fortunate to have Kevin as an integral and connected part of the team guiding my son’s education.”


“I can’t speak highly enough about Kevin. He tutored my son since July for the TACHS exam. My son really enjoyed going to Kevin’s. He was always looking forward to his next session! On the last day of tutoring, on the way out the door, my son held my shoulder and said, “Mom, thank you SO much for signing me up to work with Kevin. I feel so much better about taking this exam. I am going to miss going there, I am sad it’s over! He made learning so much fun!” Needless to say, Kevin is ABSOLUTELY worth the investment!!!.”

-Parent of A ST. AUGUSTINE’S 8th grade STUDENT


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